Ways to Fight Stress And Tension

ImageEveryone experiences stress and tension as if they are integral parts of life. They are always there, at home, work and in relationships. They can be caused by a certain medical conditions and even a bad financial situation. If you don’t deal with stress and tension, they could cause more problems than you already have.

Stress management starts within a person. Yes, there are a lot of external causes that trigger stress but more often than not, your attitude towards different situations is the culprit. Thus, a change in attitude can help relieve stress regardless of external factors.

There are two ways to fight stress and tension. One involves releasing them after they manifest and the other prevents them from happening.

 How to RELEASE Stress and Tension

1.    When you are feeling tense or stressed, stand up straight and slowly take a few deep breaths.

2.    If you feel stressed before going to sleep, drink a glass of water or milk to help you relax.

3.    Find reasons to laugh. Watch your favorite comedy show or read a comic book.

4.    If you are stressed at home or at work, stop whatever you are doing for a while and if possible, take a walk outside and calm yourself.

5.    If a specific person is causing you the stress, talk to him. Let your thoughts and feelings out in the open. It is most likely that the person doesn’t know that he is causing you all that. So, having a relaxed and hearty talk can help you in a lot of ways.

6.    Observe you body and muscles. If your muscles are contracted, release the tension and relax by taking deep breaths.  Then, focus on your face and scalp, if they are tense, do the same thing. Keep on doing this until you feel that you calm and relax yourself.

7.    You can also take natural anti-stress remedies which you can buy at your local drugstore or online.  Examples of these are Fusion Health Tablets which are made from Chinese and Ayurvedic herbs that assist in stress management, reduce anxiety and improve resistance to stress.

How to PREVENT Stress and Tension

1.     Maintain a positive attitude. Most of the times stress is triggered by our own internal dialogue and how we look at ourselves and certain situations. You have to be in yourself and at look at things in a more positive perspective.

2.       Learn how to communicate. Keeping an open communication with the important people in your life, your partner, boss, co-worker, etc, helps avoid stress. It will help you voice out whatever feelings you have instead if stacking them up.

3.       Manage your time effectively. If you finish your work on time, you can avoid any future stress and tension.

An unhealthy lifestyle is another reason for you to feel stressed and tense. Keep a healthy mind and body by having a balanced diet and regular exercise.

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